South Florida Businesses For Sale

Looking For South Florida Businesses For Sale to purchase? Or maybe you want to list your South Florida business for sale? No matter which side of the transaction you are on, Dolan Sales Inc. is the business broker for you.

Our boutique broker and intermediary firm has been helping business owners connect with their ideal business buyers and vice versa since our founding in 2007. In that time we have developed a reputation for facilitating these complex transactions, and we always work hard to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcome from their transaction.

What Is a Business Broker

A business broker specializes in the complicated sales of businesses. We use specialized marketing techniques and exclusive databases to connect business owners looking to sell with potential buyers, then organize a sale that is beneficial for both parties.

Why Should I Use A Business Broker To Sell My South Florida Business?

  • Accurate business valuations performed by experts
  • Work with professionals who have significant knowledge of the current market
  • Coordinate financial, legal, and accounting resources
  • Helps keep business sales transactions on track
  • Provides all required environmental studies
  • The best brokers use extensive databases, both of potential buyers and available property
  • Maximize after net sales

Why You Should Trust Dolan Sales

Dolan Sales is unique in our dedication to making sure that all of the interactions we facilitate are transparent. Both the buyer and the seller are guaranteed that they will be fully informed of everything that occurs during this tricky process. Our no pressure tactics and relationship focused approach have made us the number one resource for people looking for businesses for sale in South Florida. Likewise, if you need to sell your business, we want to make sure you get everything you deserve during the sale process.

Not only do our acquisition listings represent the best possible investments available in the South Florida market, but we will walk you through every step of the acquisition process, including consulting, guidance, and negotiation support.

There are lot of moving parts when buying a business. Let our years of experience and expertise in South Florida business acquisition guide you through this complicated time.

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