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Selling Your Company – the Fog of War and Perspective

Many times, the seller feels the job is almost done once they have found an interested, qualified buyer. In fact, that is just the first step. You have heard the term “the fog of war” before. Part of what it means is that in the heat of battle, you lose perspective and things are not […]

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The Seller’s Market Won’t Last Forever; You Will Not Always Be as Quick as You Are Now

It continues to be a seller’s market for quality businesses with good accounting records, particularly those with an owner benefit of over $250,000 a year. At some point, the approximately 77 million baby boomers, some of whom own businesses, will decide it is time to sell. For now, they continue to hold on. Presumably, they […]

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Get a valuation on your business regularly

Having a ballpark idea of what your business is worth long before it is time to sell will help you avoid disappointments, and can ensure you get the price you need or want. The overwhelming majority of business owners don’t go through this exercise until it is time to sell. In most cases, the business […]

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When It Might Make Sense to Hold off on Selling Your Business

Many business owners pick a time or point in life to sell their businesses. When that time finally arrives, it may be smart to re-assess the facts to be sure it still makes sense. *When you have a good business that has not consumed you and allows you to have a life, and provides a […]

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Business Buyers Checklist for Starting with a Business Broker/Intermediary

To help me—the Licensed Real Estate/Business Broker and Intermediary—understand your—the buyer’s—needs and to learn more about what you are looking for in a target business to purchase, please provide me with the following: Do you have access to a computer, a printer and a fax or scanner so we can communicate? Having a smartphone is […]

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