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An Exit Strategy for Your Business, 5 Points

One might ask, “When is the best time to start on your Exit Strategy?” You may have heard the old saying that it’s the day you start your business. The reality is, as you are ramping up your business, there are other priorities. Once you get yourself established and have a little extra time, though, […]

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My Business Won’t Sell – 9 top Reasons Why?

Every business will sell – if priced correctly.  The asking price is typically based on a multiple of seller discretionary cash flow (SDCF) with various factors to be considered to establish the multiple used. If you ask 100 people, everyone will have a different opinion, but the only factor that really matters is what a […]

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Businesses with attributes in high demand have higher resale value

Businesses in highest demand have repeat customers and are not the Seller personally. That is, a business that the customers identify only as the current owner, where the owner is the business and handles the customer needs, etc., has less value than a business with staff who handles the customer. A professional services business is […]

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Don’t wait until it’s time to sell your business to learn what is important

Rather than be unhappily surprised when you decide it is time to sell your business, be prepared as you have with your business over the years. Arrange for a free, no-obligation conversation to learn what your business is worth now, and what you can do to get the best price possible when the time arrives […]

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Boomers – do you have an exit plan from ownership of your business?

As with so many things in life, having a plan or not can make significant difference in the results. It is smart to know what is ahead. Gain from the experience of a business broker/intermediary with over 45 years of experience in the field who has handled businesses from Main Street up to over $20 […]

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