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Secrets To My Success

Working for yourself means giving up your sleep, prioritizing your schedule, and constantly striving to outdo yourself. Without unshakeable determination and measurable goals along the way, I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I am today. All that I am capable of is thanks to my consistent routine. I would love to share the secrets […]

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Selling Your Business with 1099 Employees

Recently had an opportunity to help a manufacture with bout 15-employees try to sell his business.  All were 1099, even the office staff.  This poses a big tax liability issue.  Everything is fine until you get caught or there is an on the job accident.  From a buyer’s perspective, most want nothing to do with […]

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When you are approaching the sale of your business, a P&L with “clutter” is not good.

An old adage is that a confused buyer will not buy. So true when it comes to your Profit and Loss Statement (P&L) used to represent your business performance. The ideal situation is a P&L that requires no explanation. The more explaining that is needed, the less likely the buyer will have confidence in the […]

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7 Steps to Take Today to Ensure a Top Dollar Sale Tomorrow

When you sell a house, you often make small changes to it to increase the potential sale price and ensure it doesn’t stay on the market long enough to get stale. You might do things like replacing all of the flooring to make it uniform, fixing up the yard to create better curb appeal, and […]

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Mature Entrepreneur/Sales People on the Hunt…

Had an inquiry from an Entrepreneur/Sales Person that had made significant money in the trading business, now owns businesses which are semi-passive, and is now looking for a new opportunity.   What is important to him is to have time, flexibility, and the ability to attend his son’s football games.  His other businesses make him a […]

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