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Many Think Finding a Qualified, Willing and Able Buyer is the Hardest Part of Selling a Business

I am here to tell you finding a qualified, willing and able buyer is not the hardest part of selling a business. It is exciting and it is a significant threshold, but a seller is typically a long way from closing the transaction at that point. The typical most-significant issues are: Getting the transaction funded […]

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Alana Dolan Joins Her Father’s Business Brokerage Team

Alana Dolan-Moorman has joined her father to work with two other agents on his Dolan Sales, Inc. team of business brokerage/intermediary/M&A professionals in the lower mid-market sector. With her degree in graphic design and experience in retail management, she is excited about being mentored by her father, Bob Dolan, who is the qualifying broker of […]

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When is the Best Time to Sell Your Business?

This question is comparable to asking when is the best time to ask for a credit line or loan from your banker. That answer is when you don’t need it, and you are flying high. The same holds true when selling your business. Going to market with your business at a peak, and when time […]

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If You Are Considering Selling in the Next Two Years …

If you think you might be ready to sell your business in the next two years, take advantage of this year’s end to clean up your Profit and Loss Statement. You can significantly increase the value of your business if you don’t have to explain non-business expenses and cash sales. Think not in terms of […]

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Selling a Family-owned Business, with the Family Active in the Business

I recently sold a $6.7M manufacturing business that the father started more than 25 years ago he owned 100%, and that carries the family name as the brand. A number of the adult children grew up in the business and still worked there, but were grossly overpaid and mostly non-productive. Needless to say, the children […]

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