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Top Qualities of a Good South Florida Business Broker

Maintains confidentiality
Knows and gathers pertinent information
Recasts financials
Has valuation knowledge

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Selling Your Business: The Most Common Fears

If there’s one universal fear in life, it is the fear of the unknown. Some of the unknowns could include having a reason to get out of bed in the morning, or losing your standing in your local community. Will you become bored of playing golf everyday, or is there more to life than spending time with the grandchildren? So goes the internal dialogue as fear feeds on itself, and we decide to put off selling until next year – or maybe the year after.

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Selling Your Business: Do’s and Dont’s

After much thought, you’ve finally decided to make the move and sell your business. It’s a given you want this process to be as smooth as possible. Below are some valuable tips to keep in mind as your South Florida business sale approaches: After much thought, you’ve finally decided to make the move and sell […]

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How Much Time is Needed to Sell a Business?

The one question South Florida business owners consistently raise is the question of how long will it take to close the transaction from the time their business is listed. As a leading Intermediary and Lower-Mid Market South Florida business broker, we would explain that the average time from the point of listing the business, to […]

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Assess Your Business with a Confidential Complimentary Evaluation

“Few Owners These Days Can Sell Their Firm”…We borrowed this headline from a recent Wall Street Journal article (March 8, 2012), which touched upon some interesting issues that we constantly experience with business divestiture. However, we will modify it to “Few Owners These Days Can Sell Their Firm Without Realistic Expectations.” Most of the success […]

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