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4 Mistakes Owners Make When Selling a Business

Have you been thinking about retiring and selling your business? When you’ve worked hard your entire life and now are in your 50s or 60s, it’s common to start thinking about it all of the time.  You imagine yourself taking vacations with your family whenever you want, spending time on the water fishing, or just […]

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Happy New Year!!

As a business owner, you always face a huge number of doors. Some of them are opened, some of them are closed, and you never know what is hiding behind them. Be brave enough to open each and every door that gets in your way. May the New Year bring you only good surprises behind […]

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Seller Pricing Part 2: Ensure Every Penny of Fair Market Value

If you read Seller Pricing Part 1, you got an introduction into how the market decides the value of your business. Now you know what to expect even after the valuation process. Just because you think your business will be worth one amount, doesn’t mean that’s the price you will be able to put together […]

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Seller Pricing Part 1: Letting the Market Close Your Valuation Gap

Very few businesses on the market will sell on their first attempt. Unfortunately, too many sellers have a large gap between the amount they believe their business is worth and what it will actually go for on the market. This can lead to a lot of abandoned business sale transactions. But, if a business owner […]

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5 Variables That Can Make or Break the Sale of Your Business

As a business owner ready to put your company on the market, you’re about to make the largest deal of your life. You need to be prepared for the stress and struggle that can come with negotiating every detail. By being ready for anything, you can avoid a lot of obstacles along the way. The […]

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