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The Main Drivers of a Higher Business Valuation

As with real estate, the value of a business is primarily based on what comparable businesses have sold for, in same business category, in the recent past, with a similar owner benefit range — also known as seller discretionary income — and geography. From the comparable owner benefit range, adjustments can be made up or […]

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The selling process is fairly straight forward but can be more complex and take more time depending on the size of the business. In general, most sales will be structured like this: Get A Valuation Prepare Your Financials Develop Your Prospectus Market Your Business Field Offers Due Diligence Closing Dolan Sales will help you with […]

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Just closed: $6 million toxicology medical lab transaction

Dolan Sales, Inc. just helped a client close a $6 million sale of a toxicology medical lab. Dolan Sales, Inc. focuses on lower mid-market transactions in a wide spectrum of industries and a network of qualified buyers. Bob Dolan, the principal of Dolan Sales, Inc., is the primary contact with buyers and sellers, supported by […]

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How a transaction is structured can make the difference

It is important to acknowledge that nothing is normal. Every transaction has it own issues. The mission is to consider which alternative method will allow the seller to get the best price possible and close the transaction. One real-life example is a business with a $1 million owner benefit (seller discretionary cash flow or SDCF) […]

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10 Burning Questions Every Buyer Wants Answered, reprint from

By The BizBuySell Staff If you are seriously considering selling your business, then you need to be prepared to answer questions from inquiring business buyers. Each business transaction is unique, but there are routine questions and common concerns that nearly every prospective buyer has. Being prepared to answer these questions will give you a leg […]

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