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Seminar – Selling Your Business in South Florida for its Maximum Value

Whether you are considering selling your business now or in the future, this seminar provides essential information on the subject of maximizing the sale price of your business and paying as little in taxes as possible. Presented by a local veteran with over 30-year veteran of successfully assisting business owners package and sell businesses.   This […]

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When It’s Time to Sell Your Business – Sales Need to be Stable or Growing

Even if you are not thinking of selling your business at the moment, as the owner, you would not want to your sales to be declining. But when it is time to sell your business, it is critical that sales are not declining. Potential buyers want successful businesses. For most business owners, receiving all of […]

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When You Sell Your Business – Why You Don’t Want to be the Bank

When you sell your business, try to avoid being the “bank” that finances the transaction. Here are some points and tips to consider: 1. Although you did a great job of managing your business, and all indications are the potential buyer could do the same, you don’t really know. It is somewhat like when a […]

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When It’s Time to Sell your Business, Don’t Be Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish

As you prepare to sell your business, it takes a change of mindset from managing your business so you pay as little taxes as possible to getting the highest price possible for the business. These are related, but different, matters. Consider one of the main drivers that establishes the value of a business: the combination […]

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Beat the Crowd to Sell your Business

One of the better times to sell your business is when there is a sellers’ market. Right now today, there is pent-up demand among baby-boomer sellers who are ready to retire. For various reasons, including recovering from the recent financial meltdown, only a limited number of the baby-boomers have decided to sell their businesses, so […]

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