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Preparing for the New Year – Taking on the Resolution to Sell Your Business

Now that 2020 is right around the corner, it’s time to come up with your resolutions. Some people like to change their diets, others choose this opportunity to quit smoking, and many will add “sell my business” to the list this year. January has always been a particularly busy time for the business sale market. […]

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Selling Your Business is Coming-up, As Is Your Facility Lease Coming Up for Renewal, What to Do?

Selling Your Business is Coming-up, As Is Your Facility Lease Coming Up for Renewal, What to Do? This is an important point for you and your business, depending on your type of business. For most businesses, have a location lease for five to ten years is important. Few buyers will want the expense or aggravation, […]

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Sell With Certainty: How to Create an Exit Strategy Business Plan

Planning an exit strategy for your business often doesn’t feel natural. After all, you’ve already been dedicating your time, attention, money, and energy to your business for years. Once you decide to sell, isn’t it time to focus on other things? Unfortunately, the final year you own your business will be crunch time. This is […]

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Waiting on a Windfall: How Long Does it Take to Sell a Small Business?

The first restaurant chain I sold took longer than a year. After a lot of back and forth negotiation and a three-month-long closing process, the owner could finally make his move to the sandy beaches of Delaware. When he first came to me, he was wondering how to sell a business quickly. He was beyond […]

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Selling with $1M + EBITDA

There is an alternative buyer you may not have considered, which is your employees. To qualify the company needs: At least $1 million EBITDA upwards At least 15 employees Middle management in place or the ability to put into place and take over the owner’s role Advantages: X5 multiple of EBITDA Employees DO NOT contribute […]

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