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Just Closed a Niche Wholesale Trading Business, $26 Million of Annual Sales

42 years in business, running inventory of $2 million, sold for $2.5 million, plus inventory of about $1.5 million.  Low overhead. Was able to get the transaction funded using the COVID-19 Emergency Funding using SBA 7a Guaranteed Loan which the SBA pays the first six months of payments.  This program expires September 27, 2020.

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Now is the Time to Sell – Ask About SBA guaranteed 7a Loans with a buyer making no payments for 1st 6 months

This must be for a start-up loan or an acquisition of an existing business.  This is HUGE!  If you have thought of selling your business, now is the time, it presents a significant opportunity for a buyer.  This program not been offered before and is being offered for a limited period of time.  Dolan Sales, […]

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The Ultimate Business Debt Solution

The Article 9 reorganization; Eliminate the majority of business debt – without bankruptcy, without new loans, without any legal messes or attorneys. How It Works When business debt becomes unsupportable or a sale/exit has become impossible, reorganization under Article 9 can separate debt from the underlying business operation.  Your business’s value and operations will be […]

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Thinking about buying a business? Now is the time.

With all the new programs the government has passed, now is the time. While much of the focus of the CARES Act has been on the Paycheck Protection Program, which allocates $349 billion for new SBA loans to cover qualified expenses, the Act contained a key provision related to new & existing SBA loans.  But the […]

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How Limiting Surprises Will Affect Your Final Sale Price

Surprises rarely work out to be a good thing in a business transaction. When you present a potential buyer with records of concurrent years of high sales figures but your business has an uncertain future, it can put your deal at risk. There are plenty of risks outside of the control of business owners in […]

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