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Start-up Business vs. Buying a Cash-flowing Business?

Whether to start your own new business or buy one that’s already underway and generating income is a class question. If you look at the ROI of the total investment for a start-up business, you have to know the cost to purchase the assets/inventory needed, leasehold improvements to make the facility ready for occupancy, amount […]

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Selling Your Business with $1 Million-plus EBITDA

Most times, the owner of a business is concerned about what will happen to the company’s employees and customers after the sale. When you are dealing with a private equity group or another entrepreneur as the new owner, the question is whether they will keep what you and your employees have built and enhance it, […]

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Knowing the facts and having a plan to sell your business…

It is smart to think ahead and get an estimate of what your business is worth today. I find that many business owners are very surprised to hear what their business is really worth at the last minute, with no time left to maneuver. At that point, they are stuck and in a pickle. If […]

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Getting to finish line as buyer of highly desirable acquisition

If you have been looking to buy a business, you know that a high-quality business, with a strong profit margin, owner benefit of over $300,000, repeat customers, good accounting records, etc., is very hard to find. Here are some tips to avoid shooting yourself in the foot. Listen and ask questions. When looking, consider the […]

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Get Mentally Prepared for Due Diligence

Depending on the size of the transaction, due diligence can take the most energy and patience of any step in the sales process. Prepare yourself mentally for a slog. There is no shortcut and it is required to provide almost any requested information to validate your representations in the process of selling your business. If […]

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