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When the fun is gone, it may be time to start thinking about an exit from your business

Many people change occupations every eight years. Many people find it fun and exciting to start and grow a business. The challenges of figuring out to grow the business cause a real rush of adrenalin. However, once the business has established itself and the systems and staff are in place, the owner’s role becomes more […]

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Selling Your Business with an Owner Benefit over $700K – Keeping Some Skin in the Game

Many business owners in their mid- to late 60s find themselves wanting to work less, but not quit completely, knowing there is a good upside to their businesses and enjoying the challenge of keeping the growth trajectory steady, or at an accelerated rate. These owners feel that they are like their business – not ready […]

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When you are ready to sell your business and the valuation seems too good to be true …

It’s no surprise – that great valuation is most likely too good to be true. As often occurs with residential real estate, an unprofessional agent will tell a potential seller what the seller wants to hear to get the listing. The agent thinks that, when it gets down to the wire, the seller will lower […]

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Selling Your Business in a Seller’s Market

You would think it would be easy selling a quality business in a seller’s market, but it never is. Using fishing vernacular, most fish are lost as the fisherman tries to get them into the boat. Particular care, experience, and focus are required to be successful. Even with an over-supply of qualified buyers looking for […]

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Selling your Business – Getting to First Base, and then on to Home Base

The key points a potential buyer will zero in on when browsing for a business are: Geography – is the business in the general area they are interested in? You know the saying about “location, location, location”! Is the business a type or industry the buyer can see themselves doing and having fun with? What […]

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