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If You Have Ever Thought of Selling Your Business, Now is the Time

If you were to log onto – the largest online service provider where businesses are sold –right now and put in “all” for a type of business with an owner benefit (EBITDA/SDCF) of more than $250,000, you won’t find much, if anything, that is suitable as a business that you could see yourself owning. […]

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When It’s Time to Sell Your Business, You Don’t Want a “Yes” Person as Your Broker

When the time arrives to sell your business, you don’t want someone representing you as broker or intermediary who is going to agree with everything you say. You need to make your decisions based on market-driven facts and a reliable source. Many, many times, a business broker or intermediary will agree with a seller on […]

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A Complete Professional Package is Important When You Sell Your Business

When helping buyers look for a business, it is common for the seller’s representative to perhaps have the prior year’s operating statement without a balance sheet. Amazingly, this is the “package” of information the seller’s representative is using to try and sell the business. This tells a sad story in itself, which is not very […]

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If You Are Considering Selling Your Business, Time is of the Essence

The best time to sell is when there is high demand and low supply: a seller’s market. With an optimistic view of the economy, low interest rates, low inflation, and the availability of funding, this is the time to sell; waiting for another year for better results may not be the smart thing to do. […]

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Sell Your Business When the Market is Ready

When the market is ready may be different from when you are ready. Timing is everything, and can make an enormous difference in the amount of money you walk away with from the sale of your business. The ideal time to sell is when interest rates are low, inflation is low, tax rates are relatively […]

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