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Today, I’m Thankful for My Business Brokerage

Thanksgiving falls on Thursday and everyone is busy getting their last-minute groceries together for the big meal. Part of many family traditions is going around the table to say what you’re thankful for, and thanks to the hard work of my team, I have a lot to be thankful for this year. But, beyond the […]

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Is your company’s EBITDA $1 million or more? Are you thinking a valuation of X5 to X7?

Here are some attributes that “might” get you to a X5 to X7 multiple of EBIDTA for a price for your business with an EBITDA over $1 million. Limited customer concentration EBITDA more like $2 or $3 million or more, which consistently has an EBITDA over 40% Clean financial statements, which can be output into […]

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Securing Your Sale: Do’s and Don’ts of Seller Financing

Sometimes when a seller is looking to close a deal, they will offer seller financing to the buyer as a way to finance a portion of the sale price. Typically, it’s done as a way to increase the likelihood of selling your company quickly. But, sometimes seller financing can put your portfolio at risk. If […]

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4 Tips to Attract Quality Prospects for Your Business Listing

Putting your business on the market is only the first step towards finding a buyer. Using the right advertising techniques can help you attract more leads and ultimately lead to a higher selling price. But, if you reveal that you are selling your business too early, it can cause problems with your employees and suppliers […]

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When your business has a net profit (EBITDA) over $1 million dollars and you are thinking of selling…

Be sure to ask questions and learn about an Employee Stock Option Program (ESOP), here are some of the attributes of this alternative: To qualify the company needs at least 15 employees and have a net income (EBITDA) of over $1 million dollars. Your employees who helped you build the business, can become the owners […]

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