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There are comparables to fishing and selling your business – the fish that got away

Most people who go fishing know the most significant point at which a Fishman can lose his catch is when you get the fish alongside the boat.  It is at this point where extra care is required.  Most fish are lost at this critical moment of trying to get it in the boat (close the […]

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When Selling Your Business, Don’t Take Your Foot “Off the Gas”

Once the decision has been made to sell your business, it is not the time to relax. This is particularly true once you have a signed Offer. Most buyers say in their Offer or Purchase Agreement that is it is subject to there being no adverse changes in the business before closing. This would include […]

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When the fun is gone, it may be time to start thinking about an exit from your business

Many people change occupations every eight years. Many people find it fun and exciting to start and grow a business. The challenges of figuring out to grow the business cause a real rush of adrenalin. However, once the business has established itself and the systems and staff are in place, the owner’s role becomes more […]

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Selling Your Business with an Owner Benefit over $700K – Keeping Some Skin in the Game

Many business owners in their mid- to late 60s find themselves wanting to work less, but not quit completely, knowing there is a good upside to their businesses and enjoying the challenge of keeping the growth trajectory steady, or at an accelerated rate. These owners feel that they are like their business – not ready […]

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When you are ready to sell your business and the valuation seems too good to be true …

It’s no surprise – that great valuation is most likely too good to be true. As often occurs with residential real estate, an unprofessional agent will tell a potential seller what the seller wants to hear to get the listing. The agent thinks that, when it gets down to the wire, the seller will lower […]

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