Knowing the facts and having a plan to sell your business…

It is smart to think ahead and get an estimate of what your business is worth today. I find that many business owners are very surprised to hear what their business is really worth at the last minute, with no time left to maneuver. At that point, they are stuck and in a pickle. If […]

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Getting to finish line as buyer of highly desirable acquisition

If you have been looking to buy a business, you know that a high-quality business, with a strong profit margin, owner benefit of over $300,000, repeat customers, good accounting records, etc., is very hard to find. Here are some tips to avoid shooting yourself in the foot. Listen and ask questions. When looking, consider the […]

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How a transaction is structured can make the difference

It is important to acknowledge that nothing is normal. Every transaction has it own issues. The mission is to consider which alternative method will allow the seller to get the best price possible and close the transaction. One real-life example is a business with a $1 million owner benefit (seller discretionary cash flow or SDCF) […]

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10 Burning Questions Every Buyer Wants Answered, reprint from BizBuySell.com

By The BizBuySell Staff If you are seriously considering selling your business, then you need to be prepared to answer questions from inquiring business buyers. Each business transaction is unique, but there are routine questions and common concerns that nearly every prospective buyer has. Being prepared to answer these questions will give you a leg […]

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