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Just sold/closed an Underground Directional Boring Business for $1 million

Just sold/closed an Underground Directional Boring Business for $1 million.  Have an almost identical business to be listed soon.

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Structuring Larger Goodwill Transactions There are More Options then you Might Think

You’ve just advised your seller to accept the presented LOI and now need a lender to agree to finance this transaction. The only concern is the 3.4-Million-dollar goodwill piece included in the 4.0-million-dollar purchase price. The lender you typically use for most transactions seems to be hesitating a bit on the lack of collateral included […]

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Consider the Attributes of Resale Value When Choosing a Business to Start

Most times, an entrepreneur does not consider the amount of capital invested/required for some types of businesses that will reduce value of the business when it comes time to sell. This includes large amounts of capital for equipment, inventory and/or leasehold improvements that are needed to operate the business.  The main basis for establishing the […]

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Start-up Business vs. Buying a Cash-flowing Business?

Whether to start your own new business or buy one that’s already underway and generating income is a class question. If you look at the ROI of the total investment for a start-up business, you have to know the cost to purchase the assets/inventory needed, leasehold improvements to make the facility ready for occupancy, amount […]

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Selling Your Business with $1 Million-plus EBITDA

Most times, the owner of a business is concerned about what will happen to the company’s employees and customers after the sale. When you are dealing with a private equity group or another entrepreneur as the new owner, the question is whether they will keep what you and your employees have built and enhance it, […]

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