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4 Tips to Attract Quality Prospects for Your Business Listing

Putting your business on the market is only the first step towards finding a buyer. Using the right advertising techniques can help you attract more leads and ultimately lead to a higher selling price. But, if you reveal that you are selling your business too early, it can cause problems with your employees and suppliers […]

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When your business has a net profit (EBITDA) over $1 million dollars and you are thinking of selling…

Be sure to ask questions and learn about an Employee Stock Option Program (ESOP), here are some of the attributes of this alternative: To qualify the company needs at least 15 employees and have a net income (EBITDA) of over $1 million dollars. Your employees who helped you build the business, can become the owners […]

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4 Celebrity Franchisee’s Raking in the Dough

Celebrities are known for making a ton of money on television and the radio. But, many of them like to subsidize their funds using classic business streams. As someone interested in business sales, you’ve probably considered purchasing a franchise at one point or another. Franchises can be a great way to increase your passive income. […]

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How to Respond to an Unsolicited Offer for Your Business

If you run a successful business, then you probably have been inundated with offers from people interested in purchasing it. Whether you’re ready to sell today or actively pursuing a five-year plan, starting a conversation about selling your business can trigger a wide range of emotions – fear, excitement, and surprise. Whether it’s a simple […]

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Technology 2020: What Your Business Needs to Stay Up to Date

As a business broker, I help steer owners through the sale process. But, when a business isn’t up to date with the latest technology, it can complicate our plans. I recommend that all business owners create an exit strategy three years in advance of putting their company on the market. Part of that process is […]

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