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How Limiting Surprises Will Affect Your Final Sale Price

Surprises rarely work out to be a good thing in a business transaction. When you present a potential buyer with records of concurrent years of high sales figures but your business has an uncertain future, it can put your deal at risk. There are plenty of risks outside of the control of business owners in […]

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The 4 Phases of My Personal Valuation Process

Frequently, when I am working with a new business owner, they will ask me to help them come up with a valuation for their company as a starting point for negotiations.  This is a loaded question considering there are many ways to measure the worth of a company. That’s why I like to use multiple […]

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FAQs for Exit Strategies

Business owners choose to sell for a variety of reasons. Some wait until old age to retire and pass the business down to their children. Others make quick sales at the height of their success to move onto new opportunities. While another group may choose to sell after receiving an offer they couldn’t refuse.  But, […]

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How to Know When a Buyer is Backing Out of a Business Purchase

Securing a buyer for your business isn’t just about getting an offer. You still have to walk them through the deal. Depending on the contingencies in your offer, they could get out if they find another opportunity or get nervous. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your deal. But, to take those […]

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5 Great Business Lessons to Take Away from ABC’s Shark Tank

Watching ABC’s Shark Tank is a part of the weekly routine for many American families. The show tells the stories of aspiring entrepreneurs looking for investments and help with their budding businesses.  But, for those who pay attention, Shark Tank is much more than just a television program. It actually drives home a lot of […]

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